APSL Systems Limited 46 Somers Road Rugby, Warkwickshire, UK

APSL Systems Limited 46 Somers Road Rugby, Warkwickshire, UK

APSL Systems Limited 46 Somers Road Rugby, Warkwickshire, UK APSL Systems Limited 46 Somers Road Rugby, Warkwickshire, UK APSL Systems Limited 46 Somers Road Rugby, Warkwickshire, UK

APSL is a global supplier of Oil, Gas, Produced Water and Seawater process equipment solutions to the Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals Industries. 

Produced and Waste Water Treatment

APSL mechanically induced gas flotation units for separation of oil and solids from produced water.

Seawater Treatment

APSL automatic backwashing seawater coarse filters  for separation of solids from seawater.


APSL retrofit seawater coarse filter internals for Norwegian offshore oil platform.

Our Products


High Performance Cost Effective APSL Twin-Spin Deoiling Hydrocyclone Package Offshore West Africa.


- Plate Separators (CPIs and PPIs)

- High Performance Liquid/Liquid

  Hydrocyclones (Preseparation & Deoiling)
- Desanding Hydrocyclones

- Induced Gas Flotation Units

- Compact Flotation Units

- Deep Bed Nutshell Filters
- Produced Water Coalescers

- Cartridge Filters / Bag Filters

- PW Automatic Backwashing Filters

- Solids Hydro-transport Units

- Sand Flushing and Washing Systems

- Skim Piles and Caissons


High Performance Cost Effective Automatic Backwash Seawater Coarse Filter


- Automatic Backwashing Strainers 

- Dual/Multi-media Fine Filters 

- Vacuum and Gas Strip Deaerators  

​- Cartridge Filters / Bag Filters  

- Compact Automatic Backwashing Fine Filters


APSL supplied gas/liquid cartridge coalescing filter.


- Fuel Gas Systems

- Gas Filters


High performance multiphase gravity separator supplied for an offshore West Africa platform 2018.


- Wellhead Proppant and Sand Removal


- 2 and 3 Phase Separators

- FWKO Vessels

APSL deoiling hydrocyclones vessels and internals supplied for a West African FPSO in 2017.

Produced Water & Seawater Treatment | Desanding & Deoiling Hydrocyclones | Coarse Filters


APSL Systems is a process equipment supplier, mainly to the oil and gas industry, that specialises in the supply of produced water and seawater treatment equipment for both on-shore and off-shore applications. Although the processes can present challenging conditions, the quality and reliability of our products enable us to develop effective solutions that lead to rapid project completion.  

Delivering our produced water and seawater treatment equipment worldwide, we work hard to achieve customer satisfaction time and time again. We have a global network of agents and offer a responsive service that is tailored to each client’s personal needs, regardless of how specific they may be or the size of project. We cater to a range of industries worldwide,  mainly focused on the oil and gas industry, but also refining and petrochemicals and our capabilities enable us to test and implement solutions using the latest 3D modelling and prototyping technologies. 

Our produced water equipment is available in primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment solutions. Our primary treatment equipment includes liquid-liquid hydrocyclones for which we have a comprehensive range of deoiling and bulk separation hydrocyclones. Process systems based on deoiling hydrocyclones are  an extremely cost-effective solution for produced water clean-up. Our liquid-liquid deoiling hydrocyclone provides a highly effective deoiling solution designed to provide maximum capacity at a very low pressure loss per unit. Like our deoiling hydrocyclones that offer unique design features, we also provide desanding hydrocyclones for wellhead multiphase separation & proppant removal, sand cleaning and produced water treatment. Our solid-liquid desanding hydrocyclones in comparison to our deoiling hydrocyclones provide protection from erosion, prevent solids build-up in production systems and provide solids removal for produced water reinjection.   

Our specialist seawater treatment equipment offers a wide range of high performance automatic and manual backwash coarse and fine filtration technology. For more information about our desanding & deoiling hydrocyclones, produced and seawater equipment solutions and specialist technical know-how, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information  - +441788568086.