Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Produced Water Treatment

Deoiling and Bulk Oil/Water Separation Hydrocyclones

APSL Twin-Spin High Performance Deoiling Hydrocyclone

 Consolidating over 25 years of oil & gas produced water separation experience, APSL has introduced a comprehensive range of Deoiling and Bulk Separation Hydrocyclones including its Twin-Spin range of high performance hydrocyclones that incorporate unique design features for improved reliability, longevity and separation efficiency.


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Twin-Spin Desanding Hydrocyclones, Proppant Removal, Sand Cleaning & Solids Hydro-transport Systems

APSL Uni-Spin Alumina Ceramic,High Capacity, High Performance Desanding Hydrocyclone

ASPL's range of Solid-Liquid processing equipment can be used in a wide variety of applications from high pressure pre-choke proppant removal to low pressure micron cut size produced water applications. Our proven Twin-Spin Slurry-Jet hydro-transport units provide efficient hydraulic slurry movement and can be incorporated with our Twin-Spin Desander in highly effective sand washing systems. 

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Mechanical \ Hydraulic Induced Gas Flotation & CFU

APSL High Performance, High Capacity Mechanically Induced Gas Flotation Machines (IGF)


Superior performance, low cost and compact design are just a few reasons why APSL Induced Gas Flotation continues to be one of the preferred technologies for removing hydrocarbons and solids from produced water. APSL supplies a complete range of high performance vertical single cell and horizontal multi-cell hydraulic as well as multi-cell mechanically induced gas flotation machines and compact flotation units.

Deep Bed Nutshell Filters

APSL High Performance, High Efficiency Backwash, Deep Bed Nutshell Filter

The APSL Deep Bed Nutshell Filter is the next generation of automated, self-cleaning granular media filter. This high efficiency design outperforms any other granular media filter. No other style of filter; sand, nutshell, or mixed media, has the ability to fluidise and fully suspend the media and contaminants for media regeneration.