APSL high performance Twin-Spin deoiling hydrocyclone package installed offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Deoiling Hydrocyclones



Advanced Features of the APSL Twin-Spin hydrocyclone design include:

  • Increased capacity - very low pressure loss per unit throughout.
  • Smaller liner OD than other conventional designs allows more compact vessel configurations, more cost effective vessel and reduced footprint.
  • Low operating PDR, increased flow range, fewer hydrocyclone liners required.
  • Low reject ratio flow split reduces volume of oil reject waste stream to be reprocessed.
  • Upgrade from older low density liner configuration – more liners per vessel, more compact vessel design.


Improved Oil Separation Efficiency

  • Semi axial inlets reduce turbulence and hence reduce oil droplet shear compared to conventional tangential or involuted inlets resulting in better all round performance.
  • Smaller internal diameter compared to other deoiling hydrocyclone designs generates higher g forces, allowing smaller oil droplets to be removed.

 Mechanical Improvements

  • Improved wear resistance of the swirl chamber due to the avoidance of solids impingement – Better performance for longer.
  • Base model available as a single piece fabrication - aids installation and removal.
  • Available in a range of materials from duplex through to erosion resistant tungsten carbide and silicon carbide – increased liner lifetime.
  • Liners can be retrofitted into most existing installations without the need for other costly vessel modifications or hot work. Liner sealing arrangement can easily be adapted to retrofit existing vessels supplied by other OEM.
  • Commonality of parts providing the capability to provide bespoke replacement liners in a matter of a few weeks.

Deoiling Hydrocyclone Retrofits, Upgrades, Spare Parts and Service


APSL offers a complete range of services  for deoiling hydrocyclones to upgrade and retrofit existing equipment, regardless of its original supply, to enhance flow, performance, materials, reliability, operability, maintainability and / or longevity.

With APSL’s know-how and design capabilities we can offer upgrades for most applications utilising the unique features of ASPL’s own technology or to review and improve existing equipment designs.

Our deoiling hydrocyclone upgrade services include all necessary activities from inspection of existing units through to design, fabrication and installation to meet with our customer’s requirements. Trial site evaluation units are also available if required.