Sea Water Coarse Filters / Strainers

APSL high performance 50 µm produced water filter. 1 unit supplied 2015, 2nd unit under fabrication.

 APSL supplies a wide range of high performance automatic and manual backwash coarse filtration technology. Available in separation sizes ranging from 25 to 2,000 microns, the APSL high efficiency Twin-Slot Coarse Filter was originally developed for arduous oilfield sea water applications, but is equally suited to produced water, refinery, petrochemical and industrial applications. 

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Dual / Multi-Media Fine Filters

Black walnut shell media for APS high performance deep bed nutshell filter.

APSL supplies a range of high performance Multi Media Deep Bed Fine Filters using a combination of Anthracite and Fine Garnet to provide filtration of organic and silca particles down to 98% removal >=2 microns. Single bed sand filters are also available for less onerous requirements 

Cartridge & Bag Filters

3D model of APSL 2 x 100% cartridge filter package.

 APSL offers an extensive range of Cartridge & Bag type filters for a wide range of applications including Sea Water Injection. Filters are typically available with cartridges to provide 99.9% removal of particles in ranges as low as 1 micron.  A range of fabricated basket type strainers are also available. 

Deaeration Systems

ASPL retrofit gas absorption tower internals.

 APSL offers a range of Deaeration Systems using either Vacuum or Gas Stripping processes. Deareation Towers can be supplied with either Random or Structured packing and designs for both Onshore and Offshore including FPSO's are available. 

Complete Water Injection Systems

3D model of APSL designed 100 m³/h water injection system. Including filters, DO tower, pumps and CI


APSL can supply either individual packages or complete modular systems making up complete Onshore & Offshore Water Injection Systems, including but not limited to;

  • Feed Pumps, Lift Pumps or Booster Pumps
  • Coarse Filters / Strainers
  • Fine Filters
  • Deaeration Systems
  • Booster Pumps
  • Polishing Filters
  • Injection Pumps
  • Electrochlorination Systems
  • Chemical Dosing Systems