Retrofits & Upgrades

APSL offers a complete range of services to upgrade and retrofit existing equipment, regardless of its original supply, to enhance flow, performance, materials, reliability, operability, maintainability and / or longevity.

With APSL’s know-how and design capabilities we can offer upgrades for most applications utilising the unique features of ASPL’s own technology or to review and improve existing equipment designs.

Our upgrade services include all necessary activities from inspection of existing units through to design, fabrication and installation to meet with our customer’s requirements. Site test evaluation units are also available.

 APSL offer’s retrofits & upgrades including but not limited to the following:  

  • Liquid-Liquid / Deoiling Hydrocyclones
  • Proppant Removal / Wellhead Desanders
  • Desanding Hydrocyclons
  • Seawater Filters / Strainers
  • Separator Internals
  • Deaerator Internals


A full range of spares can be provided, with any component being designed to suit customers’ needs and specifications. APSL can supply anything from a seal, nut & bolt to complete replacement equipment.  

Aftermarket Support


APSL offers a comprehensive range of services for onshore and offshore applications, including Process & Mechanical Engineering Design & Site Service Support.